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Sabija Srichakra


[Query] I have asked many how to write bijaksharas in shreechakram but have not got a satisfactory answer. Please advice.

shrImAtre namaH

We need to first examine the need for writing bIjAkShara-s in a Srichakra. Some do not approve of writing bija-s in Srichakra at all as the Kalpasutra does not prescribe the same. However, going by the rule anuktamanyato grAhyam etc., one should grasp what is unsaid in Kalpasutra, from elsewhere. Moreover, Kalpasutra is mukhya pramANa only to dAkShiNAtya-s of some sampradAya-s and is not acceptable to many lineages who accept only 64 Tantras as pramANa. It is said in rudrayAmaLa:

bIjAkSharayutaM chakraM yatInAmuttamottamam |
bIjAksharavihInaM tug R^ihasthAnAm prashasyate ||

Srichakra with bIjAkshara-s inscribed, is prescribed only for Yati-s or Sanyasin-s. For others, (the term Grhastha here should be interpreted to collectively represent the first three Asrama-s), yantra without bIjAkshara-s is prescribed. Of course, these considerations are for those who use Srichakra for nitya pUjA and upAsanA and not for those who perceive Srichakra as a `new age tool' used as a `desktop decorative' or a `healing crystal' or an `energized vastu correction object'!

However, it is also said:

bIjam vinA cha nirjIvam bhavatyeva na samshayaH |

Without correctly inscribing the appropriate bIja-s, the Srichakra is said to be lifeless.

Great upAsakas like Brahmasri Tadepalli Raghava Narayana Shastrigal and Sri Tettiyur Subrahmanya Shastrigal have advised their disciples not to have a sabIja yantra at home for worship as such a Yantra is extremely powerful to handle. First of all, it is pure nonsense as to how people sell `energized' Yantras these days as the moment correct geometry of Srichakra is achieved, the presence of Devi occurs without the requirement for any additional samskAra-s [nityaM sannihitA devI]. The above doSha of lifelessness due to lack of inscribed bIjAkShara-s is overcome by performing a prANapratiShThA [in case of pUjA Yantras] every day during pUjA. The ritual of AvAhanA done every day is just a mere formality. The inscription of bIja-s is however considered necessary for pratiShThA or sthira Yantras. However, when instructed by Sadguru or Sampradaya, sabIja Srichakra can be used by an uttamAdhikAri during mahayAga krama [ashTAshTaka or saubhAgya kalpadruma paddhati-s]. the instructions for inscribing the bIja-s can be obtained from 36th Chapter of Rudrayamala and from Tantraraja:

kamalaM parilupya madhyamAnyat
sarvashAmIdiyutaM sabindunAdam |
nigamAdi namo.antare virAjat
bhuvi devI hR^idayapratiShThametat || etc.