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Shodasha Gauri


A svayamvarA pArvatI homa that can undoubtedly be called one of the biggest of its kinds was conducted in palakkad this February by shrI damodaran (Babu) Nambuthiri. During the pUrNAhuti, a shuka appeared from nowhere and circumambulated the yoni kuNDa thrice. This was captured on video by one Smt. Radha Gopalan of Trivandrum on her cell phone. While we could not attend the homa, shrI babu kindly made a copy of the svayamvarA kalpa used traditionally in his family for us. Apart from various mantras, hymns and prayogas, the AvaraNa structure of devI described in this work is completely different from what is generally seen in works like prapanchasAra sArasaMgraha, mantra mahodadhi, mantrArNava, saubhAgyalakShmI tantra etc. Sixteen gauri-s are described as the chief AvaraNa devatas of svayamvarA and a chapter is dedicated to each of the gauris, much like the importance given to the sixteen nityAs in kAdimata. The sixteen gauris are:

1. svarNagaurI
2. arkagaurI
3. tiMtriNI gaurI
4. trilochanA gaurI
5. maunagaurI
6. a~NgushTha gaurI
7. sandoha gaurI
8. keshabandhana gaurI
9. pUrNa gaurI
10. kapittha gaurI
11. saubhAgya gaurI
12. bR^ihadgaurI
13. upA~NgalalitA gaurI
14. kundagaurI
15. badarI gaurI
16. kArtika gaurI

Some of them, like svarNagaurI, maunagaurI, kArtika-gaurI are well-known through the associated vratas.