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Matrika, Malini and their Kashmirian Origin

- Dr. Balajinnatha Pandit The peculiar type of Shaivism, for which Kashmir is famous, entered there some time in the eighth century and developed as a distinct school of philosophy in the ninth century. But it appears that the tradition of the use of a… more »

Panchakshari Mantra of Abhinavagupta

Mahāmāheśvara Abhinavagupta studied under a host of brilliant teachers. He is known to have studied Dvaita (dualisitic) Tantras from Vāmanātha, Dvaitādvaita (mixed) Tantras from Bhūtirāja, Advaita (non-dual) Tantr… more »

The Tale of a Srichakra

Every other day, we get a query whether an uninitiated person can keep a śrīcakra at home. In reality, not even all so-called “initiated” can keep a śrīcakra at home. Recently an acquaintance mentioned of an incident which we would l… more »

Beware of the "Scholars" !!

Today was a cold day and I hoped to make myself cozy listening to a Kashmiri Shaivaite “scholar” who is also initiated into "samaya, dakshina and kaula" paths by a "liberal" Guru. As I sat sipping coffee wondering why vAma was left out from this set, th… more »