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Panchakshari Mantra of Abhinavagupta

Mahāmāheśvara Abhinavagupta studied under a host of brilliant teachers. He is known to have studied Dvaita (dualisitic) Tantras from Vāmanātha, Dvaitādvaita (mixed) Tantras from Bhūtirāja, Advaita (non-dual) Tantr… more »

Gaudapada, Sankara and Buddhism

- Excerpts from An Evaluation of the Vedāntic Critique of Buddhism by Gregory Joseph Darling There is some evidence that the Gauḍapāda-kārikās, on which there is a commentary said to be written by śaṅkara, reveal st… more »

shAkta siddhAnta – 15

The shAktas believe in the importance of Self-realization as a means to mokSha. It is said to be of a determinate nature and expresses itself in the form of recognition (pratyabhijnA). The sequence of the preliminary state may be described as follows:… more »

shankara and pariNAmavAda

Every commentator on saundaryalaharI, with the exception of pravarasena’s son, describes shrI shankara bhagavatpAda as the author of saundaryalaharI. The reasons stated by those who doubt the authorship of bhagavatpAda are summarized below: 1. saundary… more »


namaH shivAbhyAm rudrahR^idayopaniShat is presented to the reader as a conversation between bhagavAn vedavyAsa and his son shuka deva. The chief purport of this upaniShad is to demonstrate shiva-keshavAbheda. Lord mahArudra is described as sarvadevAtm… more »