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The Tale of a Srichakra

Every other day, we get a query whether an uninitiated person can keep a śrīcakra at home. In reality, not even all so-called “initiated” can keep a śrīcakra at home. Recently an acquaintance mentioned of an incident which we would l… more »

Dasha Mahavidya

- Mahamahopadhyaya Sri Gopinath Kaviraj In the Tāntrika literature, the Mahāvidyās are usually enumerated as ten. But the number is sometimes increased by three and sometimes by six. The Muṇḍamālā Tantra names the t… more »

shrI kubjikA stavarAja

श्रीभैरव उवाच जय त्वं मालिनी देवी निर्मले… more »

mahAsudarshana vyUha

There are nine Supreme mantras of sudarshana, the chakrarAja of Lord shrImannArAyaNa. It is said that through the vyUha of sudarshana that we describe below, the core power of mahAsaMkarShaNa mUrti is invoked and prayogas including those of dhUmAvatI, b… more »

Beware of the "Scholars" !!

Today was a cold day and I hoped to make myself cozy listening to a Kashmiri Shaivaite “scholar” who is also initiated into "samaya, dakshina and kaula" paths by a "liberal" Guru. As I sat sipping coffee wondering why vAma was left out from this set, th… more »

aShTAShTaka shAkta tantras

1. bhairavAShTaka a. svacChandabhairava tantra b. krodhabhairava tantra c. chaNDabhairava tantra d. unmattabhairava tantra e. asitA~Ngabhairava tantra f. rurubhairava tantra g. jha~NkArabhairava tantra h. kapAlIshabhairava tantra 2. yAmaLAShTak… more »