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Matrika, Malini and their Kashmirian Origin

- Dr. Balajinnatha Pandit The peculiar type of Shaivism, for which Kashmir is famous, entered there some time in the eighth century and developed as a distinct school of philosophy in the ninth century. But it appears that the tradition of the use of a… more »

Gaudapada, Sankara and Buddhism

- Excerpts from An Evaluation of the Vedāntic Critique of Buddhism by Gregory Joseph Darling There is some evidence that the Gauḍapāda-kārikās, on which there is a commentary said to be written by śaṅkara, reveal st… more »


Evoking the power of compassion in us is not always easy. I find myself that the simplest ways are the best and the most direct. Every day, life gives us innumerable chances to open our hearts, if we can only take them. An old woman passes you with a sa… more »

vajrayAna and shrIparvata

Much has been written by scholars about the origin of mantrayAna in Buddhism. It may not be totally incorrect to state that vajrayAna differs from mantrayAna only in terms of the severity or intensity of practice. While yogAchAra promises the attainment… more »