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Personalities of navya nyAya - 5

gadAdhara bhaTTAchArya shrI gadAdhara bhaTTAchArya was the son of jIvAchArya from Bengal. He studied nyAya shAstra from harirAma tarkavAgIsha of navadvIpa. He is the author of several well-known works such as nyAyakusumAnjali TIkA, Aloka TIkA, dIdhiti… more »

shabda pramANa

Various darshanas accept shabda as a svatantra pramaNa. Trustworthy statements found in shAstra, purANa and itihAsa generate a certain knowledge which cannot be classified as either pratyakSha or anumAna. That thus gets classified into a separate pramAN… more »


While it is common to refer to ShaD-darshanas, there is no agreement among scholars on which six darshanas are included in this list. Over a period of time, different sources have listed different darshanas. a. puShpadanta in his shivamahimnaH stotra:… more »


The greatness of shrIchakra is described in rudrayAmaLa thus: samyak shatakratUn kr^itvA yatphalaM samavApnuyAt | tatphalaM labhate bhaktyA kR^itvA shrIchakradarshanam || By seeing a shrIchakra with devotion, one attains the same merit as having perf… more »


namaH shivAbhyAm rudrahR^idayopaniShat is presented to the reader as a conversation between bhagavAn vedavyAsa and his son shuka deva. The chief purport of this upaniShad is to demonstrate shiva-keshavAbheda. Lord mahArudra is described as sarvadevAtm… more »