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Need for upAsanA

[Query] Why do we need to do upasana for moksha when we are already athma swaroopam? It is alarming to see the number of questions I see in the mailbox every day that reflect an attitude similar to that of the current questioner. Advice to the members… more »

bhakti mImAmsA

Dear members of Kamakoti Mandali, shrI lalitA sahasranAma, which is nothing less of a vishva-kosha of shrIvidyA, is a shAstra, tantra and a prayoga paddhati - all combined into one. The importance of bhakti towards the upAsya in every aspect of upAsanA… more »


namaH shivAbhyAm rudrahR^idayopaniShat is presented to the reader as a conversation between bhagavAn vedavyAsa and his son shuka deva. The chief purport of this upaniShad is to demonstrate shiva-keshavAbheda. Lord mahArudra is described as sarvadevAtm… more »