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Buddhist Tantra - 8

Let us proceed to examine another deity who is included by the Hindus in the ten mahAvidyA group and who is called by them ChinnamastA. She is described in the tantrasAra and ChinnamastA kalpa in the following words: madhye tu tAm mahAdevIm sUrakoTisam… more »

Beware of the "Scholars" !!

Today was a cold day and I hoped to make myself cozy listening to a Kashmiri Shaivaite “scholar” who is also initiated into "samaya, dakshina and kaula" paths by a "liberal" Guru. As I sat sipping coffee wondering why vAma was left out from this set, th… more »

pancha niShedhas

A rather strange prescription for the followers of kaulAchAra can be seen in several tantras including tArA tantra, kulamAlinI tantra, bheruNDA(a) tantra and also in tArA-rahasya of brahmAnanda giri: upavAsaM bhR^igoH pAtaM sandhyA savratadhAraNam | t… more »