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Dasha Mahavidya

- Mahamahopadhyaya Sri Gopinath Kaviraj In the Tāntrika literature, the Mahāvidyās are usually enumerated as ten. But the number is sometimes increased by three and sometimes by six. The Muṇḍamālā Tantra names the t… more »

mahAkailAsanAtha dhyAnam

It is said, in suprabhedAgama, that study, involvement or discussions related to nAstika mata-s such as bauddha and jaina darshanas result in immense pApa. The prAyashchitta here is meditating on the Cosmic form of mahAkailAsanAtha. [Devanagari versio… more »

Buddhist Tantra - 5

The deities of the vajrayAna are all manifestations of shUnya. Advayavajra says in a very characteristic verse that the deities are nothing but manifestations of shUnya and are by nature non-existent, and whenever there is manifestation it must be shUny… more »