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Guhyakali and Guhyasundari

आपाटलांशुकधरां आदिरसोन्मेषवासितकटाक्&#2359… more »

Dasha Mahavidya

- Mahamahopadhyaya Sri Gopinath Kaviraj In the Tāntrika literature, the Mahāvidyās are usually enumerated as ten. But the number is sometimes increased by three and sometimes by six. The Muṇḍamālā Tantra names the t… more »

Buddhist Tantra - 8

Let us proceed to examine another deity who is included by the Hindus in the ten mahAvidyA group and who is called by them ChinnamastA. She is described in the tantrasAra and ChinnamastA kalpa in the following words: madhye tu tAm mahAdevIm sUrakoTisam… more »

Tara Jayanti

shrImAtre namaH Ravi mentioned that there were numerous queries on Tara Jayanti that he received. I actually edited my earlier post (which originally was written two years ago for another mailing list) to specify the tithi but it seemed to have been mi… more »