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Buddhist Tantra - 8

Let us proceed to examine another deity who is included by the Hindus in the ten mahAvidyA group and who is called by them ChinnamastA. She is described in the tantrasAra and ChinnamastA kalpa in the following words: madhye tu tAm mahAdevIm sUrakoTisam… more »

vIrashaiva siddhAnta – 7

The pupil is then led through a solemn process of initiation known as mahA shaivI dIkShA which results in snapping asunder the bonds of ignorance, effecting the union of anga with linga and removing the three-fold impurity. dIyate li~NgasaMbandhaH kSh… more »

panchAkSharI guru maNDala

A specific guru maNDala is listed for shaiva (shakti) panchAkSharI mantra in the shaiva tantras. The following guru maNDala is worshipped during the AvaraNa krama for sadAshiva in dakShiNAmnaya. The procedure is to worship the seven gurus with one l… more »

shabda pramANa

Various darshanas accept shabda as a svatantra pramaNa. Trustworthy statements found in shAstra, purANa and itihAsa generate a certain knowledge which cannot be classified as either pratyakSha or anumAna. That thus gets classified into a separate pramAN… more »

bodhAyanokta tvarita rudra kalpaH

OM asya shrItvarita rudra mahAmantrasya atharvaNa r^ishiH anuShTup ChandaH shrItvarita rudro devatA rudrAya nama iti bIjaM astviti shaktiH shrImahArudra prItyarthe jape viniyogaH | [OM yo rudraH – agnau – yo apsu – ya oShadhIShu – yo rudro vishvA bhuva… more »

akSharasaMkhyA nirdesha

ambA is worshipped through various mantras. Of these, panchadashI, shuddha ShoDashI, saubhAgya brahmavidyA or saubhAgya panchadashI (ShoDashI) and mahAShoDashI are the most important mantras in most of the dAkShiNAtya shrIvidyA sampradAyas. The number o… more »

purashcharaNa vidhi from chidambara kalpa

bhasmoddhULitasarvA~NgaM paramAnandaTANDavam | namAmi parameshAnaM puNDarIkapureshvaram || As we remain busy with completing purashcharaNA~Nga homAdikas for juniors in our group, there has not been much time to talk to all those who have been visiting… more »

Works of Agastya

Authorship of various works is ascribed to sage agastya. Here is an attempt to list such works, based on details furnished by mahAmahopAdhyAya rA satyanArAyaNa and Prof. Nanjundayya of Mysore University. Most of the works seem to be available in print o… more »

gaNDabheruNDa nR^isiMha dhyAnam

As requested by several readers, here is the rAjasika dhyAna shloka of gaNDabheruNDa nR^isiMha used in our lineage. This is associated with the chatuHShaShTyakShara mahAmantra of aShTAnana mUrti generally used in rakShoghna prayoga. vande.ahaM krUragh… more »

mantra vismaraNa

We continue to receive queries on various topics and try sincerely to answer them to the best of our capability. One of the many reasons we decided to do away with the group subscription format was the incessant flow of non-genuine queries. Some example… more »