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Personalities of bauddha nyAya - 3

dharmakIrti dharmakIrti took birth in Southern India in a brAhmaNa household at the sacred tirumalai kShetra. He studied the vaidika shAstras according to his family tradition. He was later initiated into bauddha mata and studied under a direct disci… more »

svarNa yantra

As we sat to discuss the annual mahotsavam and a yantra pratiShThA at a Kali Temple in dakshiNa desha, several related tantras were examined for a suitable pramANa before ordering a specific yantra. It seems to be a trend lately to prefer yantras made i… more »

Personalities of bauddha nyAya - 1

asa~Nga asa~Nga is most probably the first Buddhist AchArya to establish vij~nAnavAda on the basis of tarka. He was the first Buddhist philosopher to introduce the pa~nchAvayavI parArthAnumAna of the naiyAyika-s into the field of study of vij~nAnavAda.… more »

shabda pramANa

Various darshanas accept shabda as a svatantra pramaNa. Trustworthy statements found in shAstra, purANa and itihAsa generate a certain knowledge which cannot be classified as either pratyakSha or anumAna. That thus gets classified into a separate pramAN… more »