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PrAsAda Parameshvara

तुर्यातीतपदोर्ध्वगं गुणपरं सत्तामयं सर&#238… more »


शुक्लः शिवो रक्तशक्त्यां पराशाम्भववेधत&#230… more »

mahAsudarshana vyUha

There are nine Supreme mantras of sudarshana, the chakrarAja of Lord shrImannArAyaNa. It is said that through the vyUha of sudarshana that we describe below, the core power of mahAsaMkarShaNa mUrti is invoked and prayogas including those of dhUmAvatI, b… more »

vIrashaiva siddhAnta – 8

The duality of exclusiveness being gone, the soul rests for ever unmolested in the presence of its Lord and feels identified with His Being. The cessation of duality and of divided consciousness as effected in this way is variously termed – as nivrtti (… more »

shiva dIpa dAna

One desirous of attaining the grace of mahAdeva should light eleven lamps of ghee before the Lord every day for a period of twenty-five years. Such a devotee earns kailAsa and sahavAsa with nandikeshvara. If possible, one should complete lighting lakSha… more »