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Beware of the "Scholars" !!

Today was a cold day and I hoped to make myself cozy listening to a Kashmiri Shaivaite “scholar” who is also initiated into "samaya, dakshina and kaula" paths by a "liberal" Guru. As I sat sipping coffee wondering why vAma was left out from this set, th… more »


Tarka, which refers to the philosophical doctrine based on logic, speculation, reasoning or confutation, is considered to be a very important aspect of Indian thought. The Tantras list tarka as one of the angas of yoga - as employing the right mode of t… more »

vIrashaiva siddhAnta – 2

It may be of interest to note that in the vAyavIya saMhitA of the shiva purANa (section I, chapter 28, verses 15-16), upamanyu is mentioned with three others, viz. ruru, dadhIchi and agastya as the original propounders of shaiva doctrines and authors of… more »

purashcharaNa vidhi from chidambara kalpa

bhasmoddhULitasarvA~NgaM paramAnandaTANDavam | namAmi parameshAnaM puNDarIkapureshvaram || As we remain busy with completing purashcharaNA~Nga homAdikas for juniors in our group, there has not been much time to talk to all those who have been visiting… more »


While it is common to refer to ShaD-darshanas, there is no agreement among scholars on which six darshanas are included in this list. Over a period of time, different sources have listed different darshanas. a. puShpadanta in his shivamahimnaH stotra:… more »