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Worship of Shani

Today, we received an invitation to a “grand opening” (their words, not mine) of a “śanēśvara” temple somewhere in Kaṇāṭa dēśa where the chief deity is śanigraha (Saturn). That reminded me of an incident… more »

Samputikarana for Srikula Mantras

The use of Saṁpuṭīkaraṇa is employed to accelerate Mantra Siddhi. (a) Some Tantras insist on use of Saṁpuṭīkaraṇa when even three rounds of Puraścaraṇa fails to yield Mantra-siddhi. (b) In ce… more »

Musings on Para Shodashi

Last Thursday, after what had been a sardonic, wet, rainy day here, I addressed a small group of academicians who were interested in the topic, ‘Haṭha Yoga in Traditional Tantra’. One of the illustrious scholars, who is a known name in the field o… more »

The Tale of a Srichakra

Every other day, we get a query whether an uninitiated person can keep a śrīcakra at home. In reality, not even all so-called “initiated” can keep a śrīcakra at home. Recently an acquaintance mentioned of an incident which we would l… more »

Guhyakali and Guhyasundari

आपाटलांशुकधरां आदिरसोन्मेषवासितकटाक्&#2359… more »

Shakti Pithas

śrīmātre namaḥ There have been some questions about locating śakti pīṭhas and if one gets siddhi faster in such places etc. Frankly, I don't know. It is indeed true that there are several places which can be geograp… more »

bhakti mImAmsA

Dear members of Kamakoti Mandali, shrI lalitA sahasranAma, which is nothing less of a vishva-kosha of shrIvidyA, is a shAstra, tantra and a prayoga paddhati - all combined into one. The importance of bhakti towards the upAsya in every aspect of upAsanA… more »