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The Tale of a Srichakra

Every other day, we get a query whether an uninitiated person can keep a śrīcakra at home. In reality, not even all so-called “initiated” can keep a śrīcakra at home. Recently an acquaintance mentioned of an incident which we would l… more »

shAkta siddhAnta – 15

The shAktas believe in the importance of Self-realization as a means to mokSha. It is said to be of a determinate nature and expresses itself in the form of recognition (pratyabhijnA). The sequence of the preliminary state may be described as follows:… more »

Need for upAsanA

[Query] Why do we need to do upasana for moksha when we are already athma swaroopam? It is alarming to see the number of questions I see in the mailbox every day that reflect an attitude similar to that of the current questioner. Advice to the members… more »

bhakti mImAmsA

Dear members of Kamakoti Mandali, shrI lalitA sahasranAma, which is nothing less of a vishva-kosha of shrIvidyA, is a shAstra, tantra and a prayoga paddhati - all combined into one. The importance of bhakti towards the upAsya in every aspect of upAsanA… more »

shankara and pariNAmavAda

Every commentator on saundaryalaharI, with the exception of pravarasena’s son, describes shrI shankara bhagavatpAda as the author of saundaryalaharI. The reasons stated by those who doubt the authorship of bhagavatpAda are summarized below: 1. saundary… more »