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Samhitas of Vaikhanasa Agama

We had prepared in the past a list of important pāncarātra āgamas. A similar list was also prepared for vaikhānasa but it was lost in chaos for some reason. Below is what remains of it. Sage vikhanasa, the originator of the vaikh&#2… more »

pAncharAtra saMhitA - 2

A few definitions of Agama: The popular one: AgataM shivavaktrebhyo gataM cha girijAshrutau | mataM shrIvAsudevasya tasmAdAgama uchyate || A more descriptive definition from our favorite bR^ihadvArAhI tantra: sR^iShTishcha pralayashchaiva devatAnA… more »

A pAncharAtra controversy

guruvAtapurIshvaro vijayate Many smArta yatis seem to be worshipping in shrIvaiShNava kShetras and this has been accepted as a norm lately. However, some shrIvaiShNava scholars strongly object to this practice. The following is a summary of their stand… more »