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Buddhist Tantra - 8

Let us proceed to examine another deity who is included by the Hindus in the ten mahAvidyA group and who is called by them ChinnamastA. She is described in the tantrasAra and ChinnamastA kalpa in the following words: madhye tu tAm mahAdevIm sUrakoTisam… more »

Buddhist Tantra - 5

The deities of the vajrayAna are all manifestations of shUnya. Advayavajra says in a very characteristic verse that the deities are nothing but manifestations of shUnya and are by nature non-existent, and whenever there is manifestation it must be shUny… more »

Buddhist Tantra - 5

To understand the significance of the vajrayAnic conception of advaya, the theory of shUnyatA and karuNA will first have to be taken into consideration. Voidness and compassion together constitute what is called the Bodhichitta or the Bodhi Mind. This i… more »

vajrayAna and shrIparvata

Much has been written by scholars about the origin of mantrayAna in Buddhism. It may not be totally incorrect to state that vajrayAna differs from mantrayAna only in terms of the severity or intensity of practice. While yogAchAra promises the attainment… more »