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The Tale of a Srichakra

Every other day, we get a query whether an uninitiated person can keep a śrīcakra at home. In reality, not even all so-called “initiated” can keep a śrīcakra at home. Recently an acquaintance mentioned of an incident which we would l… more »

svarNa yantra

As we sat to discuss the annual mahotsavam and a yantra pratiShThA at a Kali Temple in dakshiNa desha, several related tantras were examined for a suitable pramANa before ordering a specific yantra. It seems to be a trend lately to prefer yantras made i… more »

mahAsAmrAjyalakShmI dhyAnam

mahAsAmrAjyalakShmI dhyAnam padmAsane samAsInA padmaki~njalkasaprabhA | shvetaChatreNa mahatA chAmarAbhyAM virAjitA || samakAloditAnekakoTisUryasamaprabhA | svadehakAntipaTalapATalIkR^itadi~NmukhA || taTitkoTiprabhApu~njadAyAdakanakAmbarA | nIlotp… more »