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auShadha was one of the chief techniques of awakening kuNDalinI and opening various latent faculties within the human. Due to abuse, the science of auShadha as a means of attaining altered states of ecstasy has been slowly withdrawn from public domain.… more »

Buddhist Tantra - 5

To understand the significance of the vajrayAnic conception of advaya, the theory of shUnyatA and karuNA will first have to be taken into consideration. Voidness and compassion together constitute what is called the Bodhichitta or the Bodhi Mind. This i… more »

Sri Pattabhi Jois leaves us

Sri Pattabhi Jois leaves us
Probably most of us are already aware of the departure of Sri Pattabhi Jois on Monday night. Sri Pattabhi Jois, a world renowned exponent of hatha yoga (vinyasa as he calls it), was a remarkable gentleman with deep insights into yoga shAstra. Our associ… more »

pancha niShedhas

A rather strange prescription for the followers of kaulAchAra can be seen in several tantras including tArA tantra, kulamAlinI tantra, bheruNDA(a) tantra and also in tArA-rahasya of brahmAnanda giri: upavAsaM bhR^igoH pAtaM sandhyA savratadhAraNam | t… more »


While it is common to refer to ShaD-darshanas, there is no agreement among scholars on which six darshanas are included in this list. Over a period of time, different sources have listed different darshanas. a. puShpadanta in his shivamahimnaH stotra:… more »